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About Carly

Carly has been drawn to the metaphysical since the age of 16. However, it was not until she found the Modern Mystery School her practice and service really accelerated. She is no stranger to the complex process of finding a path to your truest expression of life purpose. Carly started her career of helping others as a horse trainer. She found many of the clients ended up treating their riding lesson as a counseling session. It was then Carly realized she was drawn to animals because they too have a call to heal. She now knows she is able to fulfill her calling with the combination of their help and the help of the hierarchy.



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My Approach

Carly's focus in working with people and/or their animals to help them have the experience in life they desire. She believes there is not one human or animal who could not benefit from more joy, more freedom, more abundance, more health, and more love. She uses a combination of meditation instruction, coaching, time-tested healing, and empowerment techniques to help each person know their true self and live from a place of power and choice.

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