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“Working with some of the most renowned energy healers, healing practitioners, light workers and enlightened masters over the past 15 years, I can authentically say the life activation and other healing modalities Carly provides have been the most impactful energetic, and life changing sessions I have ever experienced.


I highly recommend Carly’s sessions to help you raise your consciousness, vibration and bring about healing to every level of your life.”


Don Boyer

Producer of the Award Winning Film- “Beyond the Secret-the Awakening”.

“Carly is the most spiritually  enlightened person I have ever met - she is thorough in her knowledge of all things pertaining  to achieving all higher levels of finding one's potential best and finding their own path in life while helping them realizing what possibilities and joys can be obtained. She excels in explaining in "layman's terms" that can be understood by anyone who is not knowledgeable in this amazing skill . I highly recommend her to anyone! Well worth your time and money, you won't be sorry!” - Charlee S 

"Carly is the most special gift you can find. No amount of money can buy such a great blessing of love, peace and abundance. I would recommend her to anyone. You have nothing to lose.  Life Activation is such a magical and life changing event. It helps you find empowerment and connect the missing puzzle pieces. She is so true and good hearted. I really felt that she cared and understood what I was going through.


After trying various doctors, psychologists, and energy healing treatments elsewhere, I was skeptical. However, Carly helped me open up and believe I was able to overcome the mountain I had built up since childhood. She helped me shake self-sabotaging patterns and understand my intentions, with detachment from old fears. I am finally able to trust my intuition when it comes to decision making and let go without holding back.


My PTSD related to the 9 years in the Marine Corps, along with the building anxiety and physical pain from past injuries has been dramatically cut in half, if not more. After one session, I definitely feel lifted, with a new found sense of motivation."


Orlando Morales

U.S Marine Veteran / Iraqi Combat Veteran

""had a life activation with Carly; it was an AMAZING experience, absolutely invaluable. I will admit at first, I was little suspicious when my friend highly recommended Carly after her session. However, I can honestly tell you this was the best investment I could have made for myself and my business. I have a new business I started during Covid, along with other small business struggling to survive. Her session has not only helped my business flow smoother and faster but also helped me manage my stress and doubt. The session brought peace to not only my professional life but my personal life as well. In the past, when trouble would show up, the old me would for sure sorrow and cry. Now, I look at the issue with confidence and know I can overcome it. I have always had trust issues with everyone, including myself. No matter what problem was, I could not make a decision without fighting the "what if" question. After working with Carly, I now believe in myself. I make decisions with ease and clarity. Life activation is 1000 times better than a simple reading or healing."

- Tran H.



"is a highly intuitive healer. She is so accurate in her “knowing” of what is needed specifically for where you are in your healing journey. She also offered some great recommendations to help support me in improving specific areas of my life. I would definitely recommend her services!"

-Sabrina R.



"Ever since my life activation life has really gotten exciting and interesting. Unexpected wealth, opportunities, and abundance in almost every way started to show up in my life. I highly recommend working with Carly." Henry Trammel

Wellness Coach
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