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Healing Modalities

Stress Relief Package - 45 minute session, $160 exchange

If you ever feel your life is running you instead of you running your life, this healing is for you. You will leave feeling balanced, refreshed and emotionally agile. The session includes a chakra balancing.

Ensofic Reiki Session - 60 minute session, $130 exchange

This modality is like traditional Usui Reki on steroids. The session itself involves me flowing the energy I have built up into the body. I always spend some time on what are called the Liver and Kidney tandens, as this is where toxins tend to be stored in the body. The majority of the time, however, is spent flowing the Ensofic Reiki into the area of the body that is currently giving you issues. The session is completed with a Life Force Circulation Massage at the end.

  • Heightens the vibration of the body, resulting in pain relief and alleviation of physical illness / ailments

  • Deep relaxation and a sense of ‘oneness’

  • Excellent for stress relief

  • Gently helps one release old wounds and suffering held within the physical body

  • Excellent for those lacking passion or for those ‘stuck in a rut’

Clients report that they “just feel happy” after receiving a session, and I couldn’t agree more – that’s exactly how I feel whenever I receive an Ensofic Reiki session!

Aura Healing - 45 minute session, $80 exchange
Package: 3 sessions for $210 (recommended for those who are or were heavy substance-users, including drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes)

  • Amplified energy and vitality

  • Healthier physical body

  • Supportive for those wanting to change bad habits or mental patterns

  • Increased ability to step forward with courage and less fear

  • Excellent for those who recently quit smoking, drinking, or using drugs

  • A sense of feeling ‘whole’ and at peace

Holes in the aura gives the negative ego ammunition. If you find you are feeding into negative thoughts without feeling you have control, receiving aura healings will greatly help!

Egyptian Aura Healing - 60 min session, $160 exchange

  • Clears blockages to manifestations, leaving you with a heightened ability to manifest

  • Immense clarity and increased ability to make quick decisions

  • Excellent for helping to heal emotional traumas or relationship issues

  • Useful for endings/beginnings – allows you to step forward brand new

  • Excellent for helping to clear out illness or disease

If I could associate just two words with this healing, it would be “Clarity” and “Manifestation”. This is my favorite out of all the modalities!

All Egyptian magic is highly ritualistic. Unlike my other healings that involve little participation on your end, this one is much more involved. We will be sitting down, standing up, and walking around. Each layer involves different ritual actions. The Egyptian gods and goddesses we will be working with for each layer include:

The last thing we will do is get you to speak your mission statement out loud. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about what this can be.


Crystal Layout Healing - 60 minute session, $100 exchange

This Modality uses one of the oldest healing methods with crystals dating back to pre-history. A lineage healing, this method utilizes polished clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and fluorite laid upon specific points on the body as you relax on a comfortable surface to enhance spiritual connection, aid physical healing, increase mental clarity and more.

​Clients describe this as the most gentle healing they have ever received and tend to walk out of session "lighter", "more relaxed" and "like my worries melted away."

  • Emotions – balances the emotions and kindles passion

  • Mind – balances the mind; helpful if feeling cloudy, drained, or stuck in mental patterns

  • Physical Body – heals the physical body; helpful if experiencing aches or pains

  • Internal Body – heals internal organs / structures

  • Space Reversal – heals your relationship to space and integrates your multi-dimensional essence; helpful if experiencing jet leg, clumsiness, or lack of grounding

  • Time Enhancement – heals your relationship to time

  • Pure Mind – brings about stillness, connection and relaxation; experience of Inner Peace and ‘Buddha Brain’

  • Empowerment – increased connection to your life’s purpose; helpful if experiencing procrastination, low self-esteem victimhood, or hiding behind excuses


The session starts off with a small discussion to find out which area(s) the healing should focus on to bring about the best result. After the focus has been decided, the whole session is done with the client laying down on the healing table. I will lead you into a light meditative state and encourage you to relax, and then lay the crystals on you and hold the energy for them to do their magic.


Magical Healing Rites With Crystals - 60 minute session, $120 exchange

There are three Magickal Crystal Rites which can be performed in this 1 hour session; Healing Old Wounds, Healing New Wounds, For a Good Fortune. This lineage healing utilizes polished clear quartz crystals and specific spoken from the ancient text of Fangoria and The Middle Earth Chronicles

Clients report that these Rites are especially helpful with anxiety and depression. Depending on what type of support you are needing most in your life right now, all rites may be recited or we might focus on just one or two of the Rites for the full session.

Reading with Twin Crystals - 30 minute session $100 exchange

The client will hold one crystal while the practitioner holds another. The client will then ask the practitioner a question pertaining to the past or future. The practitioner will travel to the akashic records and then state what messages they receive. : Use Twin Crystals to assist you in opening you intuition and tapping into the Akashic records for a powerful Q&A style intuitive reading for you past and present questions No experience necessary, you’ll be amazed at how the energy flows! If you're looking to get more information into the root of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem that has been plaguing you this reading can help shed light.

Also a lineage healing from ancient times, the twin quartz allows me to receive specific information on your situation that will be most beneficial to helping you heal and resolve your issues. This reading is powerful, and has been said to be comparable to receiving insight from Tarot reader with 30 years of experience. 

Crystal Space Gridding - Time frame and cost are customized depending on the size of space. 

The ancient crystal gridding technique to enhance the energy in your space. This technique uses crystals to create energetic walls within your space. Raising the vibration and creating an energetic sanctuary for more positive, spiritual energies to flow through your home / office.


For Greater Love, Manifestation, Balance, and Protection. If you want to take your home to the next level, we can grid your home with crystal grids for a continuous experience of strong, positive energy. The crystals maintain at all times an extremely positive energy and there is a marked difference between a room that has these ancient crystal grids or not. Our clients sometimes choose to grid only certain rooms in the home, perhaps an office, bedroom space or child’s room. The Space is ‘gridded’ with an ancient Sacred Geometrial shape, eg the Sputnik, by walking and weaving this sacred geometry together with ancient holy words. This grid is then ‘locked’ into place by a crystal that is secured in the corners of the room. Each sacred geometry grid has a different amount of crystals that are used. The crystals themselves have been cleansed and are stored in a sacred Temple, waiting to be used for your home! The crystals then get wrapped in copper to enhance their energy. The crystals are sacred energies in themselves designed to be of service to hold sacred energy.


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