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Life Activation

90 minute session $295
The life activation is the first step into living a more fulfilled life. This modality has given people the energy and power they need to get through barriers, live true to their dreams and achieve their goals in their personal, day-to-day lives. It includes several energetic alignments designed to improve your mental and emotional state and physical body.

This spiritual process awakens the dormant or stagnant aspects of our beings. Whatever needs a boost will get it: stress reduction, mood, personal energy, immune system, focus, etc. This method is effective because it works with your natural flow of energy and light to help you FULLY align with your life’s purpose and potential.

Known Benefits of Life Activation for you

  • Increases greater utilization of brain, bringing you to top of your game.

  • Helps remove abundance blockages

  • More clarity to your life and releases negative patterns and dream barriers

  • Increases energy, immunity, light in body, and connection to higher self

  • Discover dormant talents you may not even know you have

Known Benefits of Life Activation for your pet

  • Improves their health and life expectancy

  • Lessens behavioral issues and increases compliancy

  • Their personalities will bloom and they will fit in more sociably

  • Makes them better as a Familiar

  • Has cured disease

If there was only one thing you were ever going to invest in energetically, I would recommend this!

Rock Balancing
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